How does one synthesize various perspectives on how best to attract customers around the world to participate in supply chain finance programs? Providing an analytical framework for the digital medium helped my client select a premium WordPress theme that afforded the kinds of interactive experiences and the style of presentation that they felt confident would achieve their goal.



Initially the client had prepared content for a text-heavy home page linked with detailed textual information on pages for three countries, a page that focused on the types of solutions offered through their financial trading platform, and a contact page. To provide a visual representation of the situations that make the solutions attractive to potential customers, and to explain why government initiatives had been launched to make these solutions available to more potential customers, I used the built-in chart feature of the theme to make a bar chart, a pie chart and a line graph on the home page.



Ultimately the client decided that a lighter home page would achieve the result of attracting more customers to their solutions.

To convey the global reach of these solutions, a revolution slider with images of cities throughout the world was placed at the head of the home page. The theme afforded a very clean design with CSS animations to highlight the benefits of the platform and how a visitor could find more information.



To facilitate moving quickly through the content on the country pages, I added subtitles for each section. This enables the site visitor to see at a glance the main idea of the subsequent paragraphs.




To include translations of all pages, we implemented the WPML plugin, a standard solution for translation management in WordPress, allowing the placement of flag icons in the menu to switch languages.




In subsequent iterations of the site, a new translation management tool has been implemented that does not automatically generate the flag icons.

Clear calls to action appear on each page so that potential customers can learn about the latest developments in supply chain finance. A widget allowing visitors to subscribe to a newsletter was placed in the footer.


This site integrates the views of the marketing director, the vice president of receivables finance, the marketing communications manager, and the new direct marketing coordinator about the best ways to attract customers to the platform and software solutions provided by the company. Through a collaborative process, we achieved a solution that places information at the fingertips of CFOs and treasurers by designing a responsive website with easy-to-read content and attractive photographs, in a format that reflects current design trends of 2015.