Movie Trailer

How does one generate interest in a film in 45 seconds or less? This trailer created for the 48-Hour Film Project 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia shows the explosive event that began a series of mysteries ultimately solved by the young journalist heroine.  

News Reporting

How does one segment coverage of a lengthy, complex public hearing so that key information is conveyed to the public?  For the Briarlake Community Forest Alliance, I posted seven short videos with brief narrative texts explaining what happened within 24 hours of the hearing.  

Product Explanation – Multiple Languages

How does one select the best footage to use from several versions of the same video in different languages?  For this client that had a collection of the same video content in multiple languages, I looked for the most confident expression and the smoothest execution of the script.  

New Technology Demonstration

How does one demonstrate how a new invention works? In Georgia Tech’s Experimental Television Lab, working on a project sponsored by Intel innovation labs, I designed and recorded video clips to ensure continuity with scenes from a popular television series so that users testing a new handheld device could enjoy a seamless experience of the […]