Supplier Financing

How does one synthesize various perspectives on how best to attract customers around the world to participate in supply chain finance programs? Providing an analytical framework for the digital medium helped my client select a premium WordPress theme that afforded the kinds of interactive experiences and the style of presentation that they felt confident would […]

Briarlake Community Forest Alliance

How should one guide viewers through a complex issue using the affordances of the web? The Briarlake Community Forest Alliance website provides essential information about an ongoing community crisis and its ultimate resolution by outlining the history, the key players, the possibilities and the ways people can help.  This website played a vital role in […]

Marketing Video

How does one present a compelling visual story about a professional development course? Footage from the previous year’s course is woven into a story told by the program director along with testimonials from students to give an overview of the experience and its beneficial effects on students’ careers.