Print Media

Using the logo from the Decatur Makers logo kit and the branding guidelines for the organization, as well as draft text from key leadership for the project, I designed a flyer to be distributed to schools to announce a new scholarship program and solicit applications. The final copy produced by me for this flyer also […]

Mobile App Components

For a Mobile Augmented Reality tour of historic buildings in downtown Atlanta, it seemed appropriate to make buttons and other components that suggested the time period in which the buildings were designed and the classical nature of the buildings. I designed buttons, ribbons and cards in a kind of sepia tone to suggest the early […]

Interactive Timeline

For the Visual Culture and Design course at Georgia Tech, the midterm assignment was to create an interactive timeline communicating some aspect of the history of nanotechnology. For this design, I looked to the masters we had discussed in class: Charles and Ray Eames, who had designed a timeline of the history of mathematics. The […]